Dr Alessandra De Acutis  Chartered Psychologist and Certified Coach

If you made it here it means you are one step closer to accomplishing your goals!

Please answer these THREE questions in your mind:

1. Have you ever thought that you or your team/s could be or do more than you currently can?

2. How will you achieve this?

3. What has stopped you so far?

V &V could be the answer that YOU are looking for!

My Vision and Values coaching approach can help you get a clearer image of what it is you and your team actually want.
There are only an average of 29200 days in your life and that is only if you live until 80 years old!


What would you like each day of your life/your team’s life to be about?
What ingredients do you need to
make it all happen?

If you are as eager as I am to make a positive impact, then my V&V Coaching for Wellbeing approach is what you need!
This is a specific coaching approach for individuals and teams to get the best out of each
individual with a clear vision, whilst adhering to your core personal/company values.





Meet Dr De Acutis

Masters in Occupational and Business Psychology due for completion Sept'2021

Chartered Psychologist and Certified Coach 

(Certified Coach Accredited to the International Coaching Federation)

"I strongly believe that every individual has the right and ability to reach their full potential and that is why I dedicated my life to making sure this happens for each and every one of my clients."

"I have been trained to skillfully weave psychological approaches to the coaching process, always explaining the suitability and evidence base behind each intervention and getting the client's consent at the beginning of the coaching relationship."

"My transformational coaching approach not only challenges your limiting beliefs and assumptions in a non-judgemental and compassionate way, it is also results driven and helps you build a sustainable plan to maintain the changes achieved during the coaching process."

Glass Buildings

Reset your business


Establish a GROWTH


Adopt a Healthy work-life BALANCE

Set goals and habits to aim HIGH

Connect your habits to your VALUES

Let me transform your mindset  

Dr De Acutis has really helped me to work through my thought

process to increase my output for success in my company

- Samuel Hayes

Learning how to properly integrate mindfulness and positive strategies into daily work schedules has helped motivate my department

Tanya Branislaw

I'm feeling highly motivated after the training session and actually can't wait to get to work and use the toolkit!

Jack Connor