A wellbeing at work Toolkit is tailored to your team’s needs to enhance motivation, productivity and innovation in your business

Increase Productivity

If you need a wellbeing strategy for your business, look no further than the productivity boosting

wellbeing toolkit. This is based on a blend of:

Forward vision (coaching psychology)

CBT ( Cognitive Behavioural Therapy- i.e. stress triggers, barriers and ideal responses to those two)

ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy- mainly ‘values at work’)

Positive Psychology (flow and mindfulness)

Task focus (intrinsic motivation and mindfulness)

Early warning signs of stress

Action and prevention plan

The toolkit has been reviewed for the past eight years through my coaching and coaching psychology work with bankers, management consultants, HR professionals, lawyers and many other

individuals who work in different corporate roles within major corporations.

I would like to thank all of my clients who have greatly contributed to shaping and reviewing the toolkit. I am enormously grateful for your honesty and transparency, which meant the world to me and helped the toolkit to attain its best version ever!

Thanks to you all, the toolkit is now ready to be researched at team level. This is in order for it to make a bigger impact than it would normally have individually.

Do watch this space for research results in 2021 and follow up on the contact us page if you and/or your team wish to participate to the free research study session taking place in February 2021.

Hurry as it will not be free for long!

Five benefits of the toolkit for Employees

1.Lower sickness absence rates: The Vision and Values Toolkit has shown to reduce the

frequency and length of sickness absence and facilitate a smooth return to work following a

mental health episode.

2.Emotions management skills: It also equips employees with the necessary self-awareness

and emotions management skills to ensure their long-term wellbeing and resilience in the

face of future challenges.

3.Adaptable: Since the toolkit is based on values, it is easy to review and change as values

might change over the course of one’s life, as a result of life events such as becoming a

parent, moving countries, illnesses or bereavement.

4.Relationships: Employees’ feedback showed elevated mood and improved work/personal relationships as a result of becoming aware of one’s needs and applying the self-care strategies needed by each individual for wellbeing maintenance.

5.Flexibility: Employees can choose to use the Toolkit as a one off intervention or as a springboard for the start of a cycle of coaching sessions on specific skills such as resilience,

managing negative thinking and stress, burnout prevention, etc.

Five Benefits for Employers

1.Cost effective: The Vision and Values toolkit is Cost effective as it can save the money which

would otherwise be spent managing sickness absence

2.Applicable to all types of teams: anyone who is in any role can benefit from the toolkit

3. Tailorable: Since the toolkit is based on values and vision, it can be adapted to the individual

needs of each team or individual

4.‘Spring-boarding’: the Toolkit can be used as a starting point for awareness for employers to

start a journey of change, if needed. For example, following a change of management, a

team may be interested in re-evaluating and reconsidering existing values and vision.

5.Follow-up sessions: Follow up sessions are included in the package. This is because of the

importance that is placed on the consultancy cycle: Engagement, Analysis, Definition,

Planning, Implementation and Evaluation