Individual Coaching

I work with you on your daily habits (and on task focus) and on how they relate (or not) to your vision and values, in order to create a life worth living both at work and at home.

We work together towards identifying the barriers between you and your goals. These often consist of thinking barriers, which produce unwanted behavior and prevent you from moving forward.

We focus on techniques which help you generate alternative thinking and create sustainable and positive thinking patterns.

My 20 years experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and my Coaching training being accredited to the ICF (International Coaching Federation) guarantees an approach both tailored to your needs and based on sound research evidence

My visualization approach helps you to connect with your core values in order to plan every action

of your day so that your daily life is in line with your most desired goals. I blend my 20 years of experience as a psychologist with innovative and impactful imagery strategies, in order to pave your way to the life you want!

Clear goals in specific areas of your life is what we all need to move towards our ideal life. Most of the issues I see are to do with not knowing what one wants, but doing what others want or expect of

you. Connecting with what you want takes a mindful effort to tune into what your mind does, when

it is not engaged with technology, especially with our biggest distractor: the mobile phone!

          Team coaching

Have you ever thought of asking your team WHY it exists? What is your team’s core purpose for existing?

My goal oriented approach starts from a clear vision of the team you want to build.

From there, think relationship, relationship, relationship, yes 3 times!

1.Relationship between yourself and what you are building as a leader- what kind of leader do you want to be? i.e. model self-care or not? Make a weekly time to listen or not?

2.Relationship with your colleagues – build a safe environment, where individuals feel

appreciated and are working together towards the same goal

3.Relationship with performance- how competitive do you want your team to be? Which is

your ‘model team’? How will you emulate them?

Will individual coaching help you to become the leader you want to be?