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Working with Alex over a period of time has completely enriched my life, and the areas that were just ‘ok’ are now great and the areas that were ‘great’ are now even better. Building achievable goals and putting simple, easy processes into place has brought happiness, balance, focus, positivity and contentment into my life. I have learnt that making little changes can have a big positive impact in all areas of my life. I can’t thank Alex enough for embarking on this journey with me. It is one I will never forget and I feel I now have the skills to continue forward making further changes.

Anika Holm, Assistamt Buyer, Poundland- November 2013


When we first started I was feeling heavy and muddled and stuck in a situation that I could not see a way out of. Throughout our journey you helped me to see things differently and I learnt how to harness qualities within me that I had forgotten I have, and even evoked some new insights into myself, which led to my increased confidence, motivation and determination. Thanks to your support and encouragement (especially throughout the challenges I faced) I am now on my way to a career change and I have learnt how to be ‘me’ and to have fun. I can honestly say that I feel ‘Lighter and Brighter’.

Leanne  Butler,  Dental  Nurse  and Life Coach- October  2013

Alessandra amalgamates a background in positive psychology and creative thinking to offer a solution based journey for her clients.  She is able to create a collaborative relationship between client and professional,  allowing the client to discuss current topics in their life and guiding their thinking styles to a goal setting, forward thinking and reflective process, the aim being to create awareness and a sustainable plan of change. Alessandra has spent many years with these tried and tested methods, observing many positive experiences in working with her clients.

Ian Dilworth, Support worker- September 2013


I have really enjoyed being coached by Alex. I found that she is warm and empathetic and at the same time she got me thinking outside the box and stretching myself. Through this process, I have found that I have made huge progress, feeling positive and confident within myself . Alex is also patient and encouraging, which really helped me feel at ease, especially at my most vulnerable times.

Kamaljit Bedi, Life Coach -July 2013


Alex was excellent at facilitating the ward team away day. She was well prepared for the day and she had devised a plan for the day that gave relevant balance to both useful reflections, change and team building endeavours. She ensured that all voices in the team were heard and that everyone was able to effectively reflect with a view to improve the quality of our service. . She ensured that everyone’s goals were aligned to that end. She also brought the warmth of her personality which encouraged participation and enthusiasm for the goals of the day, ultimately ensuring the success of the day.


Dr David Bridle, Consultant Psychiatrist & Associate Medical Director, Newham Centre for Mental Health- May 2013


It was actually the best away day yet! It was well organized and superbly facilitated. There was a good balance of structure and informal time. Themes were very relevant and the atmosphere facilitated good discussions. We managed to get through the ‘mental work ‘ in a relaxed way, and I think people were open about what they were saying which is an essential ingredient in team building. Importantly, we also came away with clear tasks to do to improve patients and staff experience as well as improve services. Overall I was very pleased, like the rest of the people attending.

Dr Farid Jabbar, Consultant Psychiatrist , Topaz Ward, Newham Centre for mental Health June 2012


Thanks a lot, I really enjoyed our sessions and I felt that I was able to reach my performance goals through being gently challenged and encouraged to get out of my comfort zone.

Anonymous manager

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